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How to obtain an age related registration mark.

For refurbished machines:

All documents need to be sent to the DVLA, Swansea.

The machine has to be refurbished and ready to use before you can obtain an Age Related Registration Mark.

Please note the DVLA will require the originals of the following certificates and NOT photocopies:

1) ‘Original Registration Certificate’ from the BSA Owners Club, based on the  photographic evidence supplied or from a physical inspection.

2)  ‘MoT Certificate’, for post 1960 machines using the frame number as reference, or a V112 ‘MoT Exemption Form’ if pre 1960.

3) A ‘V55/5 Application Form’ using the Clubs notes, please note that the V55/5 is a carbonless copy, so ensure that the front page is transferred to the back page.

4) You will need to include photocopy confirmation of your name and address using both parts of the Photo Card Driving Licence or 2 forms of identity.

Documents you can use to confirm your name include:

Current Paper Driving Licence, Passport, Marriage Certificate, Decree Nisi or  Absolute, Birth Certificate

Documents you can use to confirm your address include:

A Recent Utility Bill (within the last 3 months) – e.g. Gas, Electricity, Water, Landline Telephone Bill, Recent Bank or Building Society Statement (within the last 3 months), Medical Card or Council Tax Bill for the Current Year.

First registration fee is currently £55

HMRC NOVA acknowledgement letter, if the vehicle has been imported then it is subject to NOVA. You will need to fill in a paper NOVA1 form. You can get a copy of this form by phoning HMRC’s VAT helpline on 0300 200 3700 (open Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm - closed weekends and bank holidays).

Please note:  HMRC will accept a partially completed NOVA1 notification form by the current owner of the vehicle. Accompanied with the NOVA1 should be a letter of explanation and any information regarding the history of the vehicle. These may be invoices showing purchase in the UK, invoices for parts etc., which will provide an audit of the vehicles history. HMRC accept that documentary evidence will be different for different projects, i.e. some vehicles will be barn finds, others  restoration projects, however the aim is not to cause distress but to ensure that HMRC are aware of the vehicle and that you are able to achieve a UK vehicle registration with the DVLA so the vehicle can be legally used on UK Roads.

The paper NOVA1 form and audit evidence should be sent to the following address:

HM Revenue and Customs.

Personal Transport Unit.

 Building 22, Priory Court,

 St Johns Road,


 Kent. CT17 9SH.

The Club would also recommend that photographs of the Complete Machine, Frame and Engine Numbers are also included.

If the DVLA are satisfied with the application they will issue an appropriate Age Related Registration Number.

N.B. - Non-suffix numbers are issued on a non-transferable basis.

The Vehicle Excise Disc will be issued straight away. The registration document should follow within six weeks.

Contact details for the DVLA are:

Address:  DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BA

Telephone: 0300 790 6802

Email:   https://emaildvla.direct.gov.uk/emaildvla/cegemail/dvla/en/

For New Machines constructed out of parts or several machines.

All parts have to be over 25 years old of a similar specification and the whole machine has to be, in our opinion, a true representation of the marque.

See INF 26 ‘Guidelines for the Registration of Rebuilt or Radically Altered Vehicles and kit cars’, downloadable from the DVLA website. This lays down the criteria for reconstructed classics where all (major) components have to be over 25 years old. For Motorcycles these include Forks, Wheels and Brakes, Frame, Engine and Gearbox.

In addition of the above you will need to arrange a physical inspection by the Club and this will list the age of the components used. The date of registration will be based on the age of the newest component, also required will be The Clubs V627/1 ‘Built Up Vehicle ‘Report  - this will be filled in at the inspection.

Revised 08-14

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